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We help you select the right carrier solutions for your business.


EtherTel’s integrity is founded simply on providing you, the business partner, a transparent view of ALL your carrier options.

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We represent over 70 land and mobility carriers.

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Highly Experienced, Honest, Accountable.

EtherTel Networks is a highly experienced telecom brokerage and consulting group, headquartered in Nashville, Tennessee, serving businesses nationwide. We save our clients an average of 27 % off their telecom expenses, while significantly improving carrier service levels. EtherTel is a valued broker partner who represents over 70 land and mobility carriers, and is a preferred service provider for the Independent Community Bankers Association.

We’re in for the long haul

From The Desk Of President & CEO:

In my 12 years of brokering carriers and selling telecommunications products and services, I’ve come to realize that businesses get tired of ‘sales spin’ and ‘promises not kept’. Rarely do businesses, large or small, get the unbiased consulting they need to make a truly informed decision on their network, as well as their voice and data services. EtherTel Networks was created to give businesses an opportunity to finally get a transparent view of their carrier options, and to eliminate the guesswork of which carrier will truly support their needs going forward. EtherTel Networks takes pride in giving its clients an opportunity to see the carrier’s true low rates, and we guarantee that. By allowing EtherTel Networks to partner with your company, we will not only create a more accountable relationship between you and the carrier (existing or new), we will be available as an ongoing resource to ensure your carrier relationship is an efficient, cost-effective, and positive one.

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Who is EtherTel Networks, who do they represent?

EtherTel Networks is a Telecom Brokerage and Consulting Company, based in Nashville TN. We represent over 70 voice/data/network carriers and all major mobility providers.

EtherTel advantages / solutions for all landline needs.

We create the RFP on behalf of the client, creating a competitive environment where the lowest possible rates are procured for the client, INCLUDING rates from their EXISTING providers. Then, we consult with the client on the most efficient and cost effective solutions available to them.

EtherTel advantages / solutions for all mobility needs.

Most clients know who the best mobility provider is in their specific area. We work with our clients to make sure the rates and plans being utilized are priced as competitively as possible. Unlike carrier account managers trying to upsell your account and ‘maintain’ a certain revenue, we tackle your rates with plans and options you have never been introduced to, WITHOUT changing contracts, numbers or devices.

Why use EtherTel Networks versus going direct with carriers?

We use our industry tenure and carrier knowledge to produce the best solutions at the best available rates.

What if we are under a current carrier contract?

Most clients are under some type of contractual arrangement with their carriers. We work with the carriers directly to uncover exactly when those agreements expire / renew, and build a plan around the limitations of those agreements. In many cases, we re-negotiate better rates with your current carriers MID CONTRACT, and establish a more accountable relationship between client and carrier going forward.

How can EtherTel improve current service levels?

EtherTel is not a carrier, nor are we considered a vendor. We are a third party that becomes a partner to our client with the carriers being utilized. In addition to the normal support (or lack thereof) provided by the carriers, we are an additional resource that holds carriers accountable for the services they provide, the prices they charge, and the time it takes to resolve a challenge.

Who will service our account?

You’re still working with the carrier, but EtherTel becomes the agent that assists you in additional layers of support whenever you need our help.

How much cost / time for assessment?

Depending on the size of the client opportunity, assessments can range from 24 hours to a few weeks. If there is a timeline that needs to be met, we will do everything in our power to ensure those timelines are met.

How is EtherTel compensated?

If we provide better rates with new or existing carrier options, and the client decides to take advantage of those, then the client would pay a percentage of the savings achieved.

How much work is required from my staff?

Very little. The last thing our clients want is MORE WORK, so let us do the work for you. After a brief introductory call with our staff, bill copies sent to us, and a non-invasive 2 page agreement signed, we’ll do the rest. We will reach out from time to time during some of the larger assessments to the specified telecom/technology entities at the client site, but other than that, we’ll do the leg work.

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